POGaMESchool is a centre of excellence focused on training and education for very skilled professional people in the OIL & GAS and ENERGY context and delivers training course with the contribution of ENI CORPORATE UNIVERSITY (ECU) and with the most important Oil & Gas and Energy Companies.
The School provides high qualified courses in terms of technical and scientific aspects, and innovative methodologies and techniques are taken in consideration and highlighted. The skilled and high qualified trainees will be an interest for the Oil & Gas and Energy Companies.
The high value of the training is possible thanks to the cooperation of the School with a professional team, made up of teachers of the main Italian and International University, Oil & Gas and Energy Managers and Experts. Furthermore, high value is given by case studies analysis and training on the job.

Concerning the training activities, the School highlights the activities considered almost “essential and necessary” for Oil & Gas and Energy Companies, above all in this historical and economic moment.
The following training activities, linked to the optimization and the best management of an industrial plant, focus their attention on aspects as: safety, costs, reliability, availability, maintainability and inspectability.

Very important is also the presence in the School of training activities linked to the main tools and software used in the all engineering phases for a Plant.
We are developing also some courses linked to the Energy aspects in general. We think that they could be very useful in order to understand the New Energy and Oil & Gas business in the world and how strongly they are linked.

Oil & Gas and New Energy courses are both developed and held by very skilled teachers with high experience and know how.

If you are interested in the courses, we are very glad to meet you in order to share the possibility and to understand your needs because we are able to customize and base the courses on your specific wishes and requirements.

CEO: Pietro Cavanna

DIRECTIVE BOARD: Pietro Cavanna, Giuseppe Cella, Claudio Cicognani, Attilia Jesini, Renato Passerini, Germano Ratti, Antonella Vologni

TECHNICAL SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE: Maurizio Bassanini, Cesare Betti, Angelo Calderoni, Luigi Cavanna, Umberto Gandi, Giulio Laurenzano, Nicola Parenti, Francesco Rolleri, Luciano Scataglini, Francesco Timpano, Dario Zaninelli




POGaMESchool - Piacenza Oil & Gas Excellence School

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