Piacenza Oil & Gas Museum

Now such a way of work Hydrocarbon history in Italy and in particularly in the Piacenza region has started since 1st Century Before Christ. The city of Piacenza is located in the north part of Italy, at the “Po” river, just at the boundary between Emilia/Ro- magna and Lombardia Regions. The city was founded by the Roman Empire, together with the nearby city of Cremona, also at the “Po” river, as a defen- se barrier against the Barbarian invasion from “Gallia Cisalpina”. Since long time ago the hydrocarbon, flowing on surface from natural seepages, located particularly in the “Apennines” mountain chain crossing Italy from north/west to south/east, was known as “Olio di Sasso” (Rock Oil). In that “Piacenza” environment, the Know How to develop the exploration, the construction of infrastructure for the production, storage and utilization of the hydrocarbon has started in accordance with tree main phases, classified as it follows: primordial/Embryonic phase up to year 1600, craftsman like phase from 1600 to 1870, industrial revolution phase up to now a days.

The Piacenza “Oil and Gas” Museum (POGaM), inaugurated in October 2014, is witnessing all the relevant achievements of such an epic era and it pays a tribute to the Oil and Gas Veterans and Pioneers who, first with pick and shovel and later on with machinery and proper tools, were able to drill wells at depths initially of few tens of meters up to thousands of meters onsho- re and offshore, including deep water depth, making available good quality hydrocarbons, particularly gas, a source of energy environmentally friendly, capable to move the entire world.

The Piacenza Museum visit could start from the well organized and reach mineralogy exposition “G. Dosi” made up of 1103 specimen coming 56 different Nations. Italy is the most represented with about 300 specimens. The great strength of this mineral collection lies in the number and variety, combined with the beauty and harmony, of the mineral finds. It is possible to admire 365 different species belonging to 146 mineralogical classes.

POGaMESchool - Piacenza Oil & Gas Excellence School

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